About The Project

The vision was to bring the 9 Muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne to a vibrant,colorful and mystical imagery, depicting each Goddess. When I work with a group of passionate and creative artists, I believe each should have a say in the vision. This was truly a group effort. We worked together to create the look and emotion for each Muse maintaining their own individuality.

Deborah Willow DaNaan
The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology were daughters of Zeus (King of the Gods and Mnemosyne (Goddess of Memory).
They are each, symbols of inspiration and creative artistry.

Thalia - Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry
Melpomene - Muse of tragedy
Clio - Muse of history
Euterpe - Muse of lyric poetry
Terpsichore - Muse of music and dancing
Erato - Muse of love and poetry
Calliope - Muse of epic poetry and rhetoric
Urania - Muse of astronomy
Polymnia - Muse of sacred hymns and harmony

The Muses
Clio - D
Olivia Olly Lane - Euterpe
Chantal Vander Veen - Thalia
Lora Overton - Melpomene
Shay Yo Welch- Calliope
Kaitlyn Pipkin - Terpsichore
Lisa Naeyaert - Erato
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Polymnia
Holly Zoe - Ourania

The Crew/Artists
Photography/Digital Art – Deborah Willow DaNaan
Hair and Wig Artist - Michi Lafary
Makeup Artist - Lisa Naeyaert
Assistants: Shay Yo Welch, Sarah Shurgin, Holly Zoe and Mary Ann

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