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Custom mandala art pieces can be created by numerous personal criteria such as:

Numerology -  Colorology  -  Memories -  Personal process  -  Favorite colors

#sci-art #mysticart #lifepathnumber #freeformmandala

I've been an artist since the 1970's and have worked in various medium over the years.   Until the early 2000's, I worked with clay and participated in shows from Dallas to Seattle.   The clay became too difficult to handle as I got older.  In the 2000s I started doing large mixed media paintings and fell love in love with the endless possibilities for creation. 

In Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas represent the universe and are typically seen as geometrical shapes.  I start the base of each piece by creating geometric shapes.  As each additional layer is added, they flow together to create these mystical designs.   The colors flow together, appear to grab each  other and some colors seem to purposely detach from other colors.  It is magical to see the end results of each petri - no two are ever the same. 


Petri art started out with scientists stunned at the beauty of bacterial organisms turning into a work of art.  I don't use any bacteria for the new age type of petri art but the results are indeed bewildering.


Some call it scientific, others call it mystical. I prefer the latter.

#sci-art #mysticart #lifepathnumber #freeformmandala


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