The Muse Magazine Photography Submission


Please review all information below before submitting.

The best advice for submitting photography to a magazine - know and understand the style of the publication. Look through the photo gallery on the web site, Instagram or Facebook page to see the styles we focus on.
You may submit up to 6 low res images no wider then 1200 pixels). Dark images will always be darker in print. Final accepted images may not have watermarks or any text on the image and must be 300 DPI .

We are looking for avant garde, alternative, unique, glamour, fantasy... Not Your Average Look.


  • Beginning in 2017 The Muse Magazine will be released 4 times each year with special editions 2 - 3 times per year. Dates and deadlines will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.
  • We accept submissions from models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, designers, indie business owners, etc.
  • Submissions go thru a jury panel before being accepted.
  • Cell phone photos are not accepted.
  • Artistic Photography is what we are looking for. The looks we want to see are always artistic in some manner - Avant Garde, Fantasy, Editorial, Alternative, Glamor and Conceptualism.
  • We don't use mood boards because we don't want to tell you how to produce a particular style - you are the creative person, and IF you are the right person for us, you have the imagination and desire to create within the theme in your own style. Themes are for Editorials only. Features and showcase photos do not have to be theme based
  • Free ad pages are provided for select boutique owers and non profits.
  • It is available in digital format and high quality print and will ship internationally.
  • We do not pay for submissions.
  • Submissions may have been previously published but will not be considered for cover.
  • Include a title for your photo set and description for themed concepts. We publish photos with the story you provide, so write the best way you can.
  • We will contact you IF your images are selected. Notice will be sent within 2 weeks of submission.
  • Do not submit unless you fully understand the style we are looking for. It is not conservative, it is not trend, it is not fashion - it is art.
  • We do not guarantee all images accepted will be used. Sometimes we don't know until editing day.
  • We know it takes a team to create the perfect photographic work of art and our goal is to promote the entire team. Please include names of all members of your team.
  • We will send tear sheets within 2 weeks after the published issue.
  • Tear Sheets may not be rebranded, cropped or altered, in any way.

Photos remain property of photographer.

We are looking for avant garde, alternative, unique, glamor, fantasy... Not Your Average Look.

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